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FOX News
Nov 22, 2012 1:00pm PST
>>neil: happy thanksgiving. hope it is a great one i hope you have eat be because maybe a lost you have haven't, this is going to make you want to puke. 39 days away from a fiscal cliff it turns my stomach because i have been trying to avoid the fiscal cliff. i have a lot to do. i took it upon myself to try to save the country and broker a deal, to try to get them hopping on the trillions of dollars worth of automatic spending cuts and bush tax rates that expire the same second, at stroke of midnight january 1, 2013. with the biggest names in the business community, in the political community, we tried, again and again, to come close to the crisis that could have been avoided at 39 days out remains a chasm. hear their woes, their worries, about being on the brink. fiscal cliff? or fiscal free for all? we are staring at this abyss. no one is even touching it. >> what is amazing to me this is the most predictable financial crisis ever in the history of this country. i suspect we are thought going to anticipate a recession, you will see a recession. >> we should be very careful not to
FOX Business
Nov 10, 2012 3:00am EST
solving our fiscal challenges. i refuse to accept any approach that is not balanced. neil: all right, parse the words, and here's what we got, a president who sensibly says i'm open to a lot of things. thaws -- does that mean he's open to, well, a little bit more on revenues than we assumed? not that just they go up and taxes go up because i think they are, but what he left open today in the east room is how far they go up and when they go up. it could be a return of the olive branch first offered by spaker boehner. who am i to say? this much i will say kicking things off tonight. there is the makings of a deal here, an agreement in the political posturing and theater that is famous in washington. each side trying to very carefully dance off the cliff without looking like it produced the disaster. there is, in the president' remarks today and boehner's yesterday, the inkling of an overture on each side, now, how much of one? with 52 days left to go, how real? rich edson in washington reading between the lines. what do you think, rich? >> well, neil, there's plenty of space. there's n
FOX Business
Nov 27, 2012 11:00pm EST
neil: is it me, or are they showing a hell of a lot more createty finding ways to raise taxes and cut more spending. i am neil cavuto this is getting ridiculous, union members on capitol hill, to keep lawmakers to keep their hands often title ams. man are they very create on the tax front. now tax of a higr gas tax to fund construction projects. to slash all deducts and exemptions not just for the rich even adjust mortgage formula for example, likely veros in those taxpayers below $250,00 $250,000 threshold, more like a hundred grand crowd now. a health care surtax on the rich to cover a program whose costs are already spiralling. but not much cost on underlying abuses, you see a pattern here. i do not care whether you are on the left or right, the way we're going about this is not fair. no creative solutions to cut spending, a lot of ideas to raise revenues. taking a shine to spending our money, but never saving us money. we'll debate this. with wealth manager. if you want to look serious you need to put big spending cuts on the table. and we have, i just call him my toke an libe
FOX Business
Nov 12, 2012 8:00pm EST
hearing from you, join us tomorrow, good night from new york. neil: all right there are indication that republicans are about to bend some of the party worry, they are about to break, i am neil cavuto, fox on top of what could be a change instance on part of very, very worried republicans, speaker boehner, meeting with the core group saying, you know elec eelectione consequences, might as well stay in line. is it over? is the revolution on went the republican ranks? to rich edison in washington dc on the other story of this fiscal cliff still pending, rich? >> house republican leaders are discussing an overhaul of tax code, lower rates, fewer deductions, a new system that generates more revenue. for some republicans, that qualify z as a tax increase in the rate cut is too stingy, any housing or senate republican decenters to bain are' boehner's are relatively quiet. he fuses to box himself in. and so far his conference in public is letting their boss negotiate, some republicans are publicll acknowledging wealthier americans will have to pay more in a new tax system, they may get lo
FOX Business
Nov 22, 2012 8:00pm EST
. join us tomorrow and good night from new york neil: easier said than done, one of the loudest vocal critics in the government community says he is frustrated. >> how are you? lou: i'm great. how were you? >> people are desperate. at the grassroots level all the way out. now, it's starting to show up in the top 500 companies of the united states. we are in very difficult straits tonight's feature when you started talking about this, you weren't yet heard that that you want that you can't think that companies can ignore the fallout for the fallout is fast and furious. how god is dead? >> i think it's getting really dangerous. because most companies right now are in survival mode. they don't know what the future's going to be like. they can't get access to capital. customers are scared to death. we are doing stupid thing like converting corn to fuel, we are sitting on great oil reserves, natural gas, doing nothing with it. we are building solar plants in the west. it is the stupidest thing i've ever heard in my life. neil: i am going to hold you down to a maybe on green energy. [laught
FOX News
Nov 29, 2012 1:00pm PST
will get neil's take. >>neil: well, maybe not so fast, because you bend, we bulk and conservatives sending a stern message to the g.o.p. do not do not do not think of hiking taxes. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto. today the democrats are gloating. republicans are the ones who are cracking on tax cuts. >>guest: i am glad some reasonable republicans are breaking from the pack. >> congressman cole represented a watershed, we are happy with any rationale that helps republicans accept de-coupling of the bush tax cuts. they seat handwriting on the wall. >>neil: chuck could be happy but conservatives not and they are warning republicans who vote to hike should take a hike. chairman of "for america" said in a letter he will make it his mission to ensure every conservative donor gives not one penny to the republican party or any member of congress. that votes for tax increase. and senator demint echoing that warning lawmakers could face conservative challengers if they hike taxes on anyone. and the conservative rage is very real according to our guest. >>guest: it is very real. i don't
FOX Business
Nov 6, 2012 11:00pm EST
. neil: all right. thank you very much. as we were telling you and telegraphing, this is when the obama folks are going to sort of wall about the points, and california is the big enchilada. safely democratic for years. ronald reagan to win the state. fifty-five electoral votes go for barack obama. north carolina, this is a pickup for mitt romney from what had been a democratic win four years ago. mitt romney, as he did in indiana tonight, when speck of state for the republicans. still in doubt is virginia when they are still counting the votes. florida when they're still counting the votes. simply too close to call. idaho, i think i mistakenly said that was expected to go for the presidents. i was wrong. mitt romney picks up by no and its four electoral votes. going to washington state, this was a state that the president was expected to win. he picks up those 12 electoral votes out of washington. and as we look at hawaii, the president's old state, for electoral votes, little doubt that this was going to happen. barack obama when so why. a great deal of fuss. don't know if that was tr
FOX News
Nov 16, 2012 4:00pm EST
horrible week. that is it for me. neil cavuto is up next to explain all things money. have a great weekend. >>neil: they came. they met. they talked. what did they do? markets are hopeful they did something. they nice with each other and constructive. for now, wall street is buying. are you? welcome, everyones i am neil cavuto and fox on top of time running out, and with washington clearing out for thanksgiving, any chance they can still avoid a cliff this christmas? trillions in spending cuts and expiring tax rates are on the line, to wall streeter playing things very close to his vest. larry, what do you think? >>guest: investors remain very concerned. they are worried about higher tasses and runaway spending. this has been playing out the least of which is 1,000 stock market decline the last month. it is playing out in other ways. for example, companies that are winners should be very strong going into the year end particularly with the holiday season ahead such as apple computer down 25 percent from the height as investors lock in lower capital gains this year ahead of what wil
FOX Business
Nov 26, 2012 8:00pm EST
tonight. we'll see you tomorrow night, good niggt from new york. neil: republicans be careful what you wish for, limiting deductions could be a bigger tax hike than raising rates, we do the mag you decide, i am neil cavuto, to hear some democrats whisper, and giggle they have the grand old party in a grand old head fake, making republicans think not getting tax rate hike on the rich say win when the deal to get that winning end up socking the rich more, a figure i'm hearing bandied about $50,000. that is the likely cap that republicans will agree to for things like mortgage interests, and chair it able deducts, see z as many in 250 grand and overcrowd write-off hundreds of thousands of dollars that means hundreds of thousands of dollars more subject to taxes. if you limit it to 50 grand, a lot of them are looking at a real federal tax rate closure to 45% than 39.6% they are fearing now. no wonder some democrats are laughing all the way. should they be? in the name of avoiding a rate hike, are republicans about to come up with an alternative that proves a bigger tax hike? let's ask. ric
FOX News
Nov 9, 2012 1:00pm PST
organization such as ours." much more on breaking news tonight on the fox report. >>neil: you are right, it is developing fast and furious, the c.i.a. director is out but the questions for our nation's intelligence security have only begun. who is in charge right now? growing fears bad guy could take advantage of this american intelligence power vacuum. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto at fox on top of a black eye for the c.i.a., gem general's departure is the latest between benghazi and what intelligence officials knew and didn't know and growing unrest in the middle east and what the c.i.a. knows and doesn't know. a shot out of left field that leaves my guest questioning the timing of all of this, lieutenant colonel on the phone. >>caller: the timing is too perfect, the obama administration, as the administration claimed it was coincidence that the benghazi consulate was attacked on the anniversary of september 11th now it is convince dense the affair surfaces right after the election, not before but right after and before the intelligence chiefs go to capitol hill to get gri
FOX News
Nov 14, 2012 1:00pm PST
neil cavuto. >>neil: now we know and clearly now wall street knows, stick it to the rich or else. they didn't like it. how about you? today, president obama making it clear and remove all doubt the republican talking over deductions for the rich not enough. raise the tax rates or all jump off the cliff now. >> when it comes to the top 2 percent what i'm not going to do is to extend further a tax cut for folks who don't need it which would cost close to $1 trillion and it is very difficult to see how you make up that $1 trillion if we are serious about debt reductions by closing loopholes and deductions. >>neil: did you hear that? that is close as unequivocal as the president has ever been on tax issue. limiting deductions, ending write offs and not likely to raise as up money as slapping those old clinton tax rates right back on the wealthy. say republicans do not quite see things that way, speaker boehner refusing to consider a rate hike would put the would expect of an end of year deal to avoid a cliff locking more like a chasm. the public debt watcher is our guest. what do you
FOX Business
Nov 29, 2012 8:00pm EST
>> thank you, join us tomorrow, good night from new york. neil: all right, i have good news, and some bad news, bad news you know. if you are in top 2%. taxes are going up, good news, maybe not up as much as you feared. welcome i am neil cavuto, it could be just one of those famous trial balloons. but indication today that president obama is a little bit more flexible on the tax hike for the rich, at least than we thought, but he still want to doe i have tdestroy you rich pe, kidding, he doesn't toupee more but not clinton era more. 38%, that is potentially a significant development, it could be a deal maker, he is why, president says he -- republicans to give in on having rich pay more taxes, republicans could say as least as not as much more. in a sense, it splits the tax revenue difference. there is still a long way from the deal. but clearly sign yet that this president, who has been attacked for not being flexible on spending cuts, by not cutting anybody. what to make of it? tom fanning. and former bush front economic director todd. erin, what are we to make of this? do you
FOX Business
Nov 7, 2012 12:00am EST
neil: is that a mandate. >> i don't know, bottom line is that either one of the candidates campaigned with enough specificity to claim they have a mandate, president obama did not win convincingly, in addition, what is amazing 6 billion plus spent, we have a republican house, a democratic senate, and president obama reelected. and super pacs and all. so, president obama is going to have so to extraordinary leadership, he needs to employee a unity approach to governing. neil: we might see that? >> i hop so, that is only way we will get congress, he needs a new economic time, and his skills and int -- intellect to use the bully pulpit which he has not done so far. neil: what do you think? >> a tax increase. neil: he will claim that is what -- >> he ran, nothing but for confrocontran seption, and a ner issues. neil: republicans go along. >> speaker and minority leader, they will be in bet pore sig, -- better position, when new congress is seated, everyone kicks a character and puts so much on the election. neil: that is their cover. lou: i don't think that john boehner has con
FOX News
Nov 12, 2012 4:00pm EST
fiscal cliff. i guarantee you. low volume. it is veterans day. happy veterans day. here is neil cavuto. >>neil: forget taxing just the rich to avoid the cliff, are democrats signaling they are willing to throw everyone off the cliff just to make a point? lucky for this guy, he has a parachute. thought is sure about the rest of us. there is no parachute that could hold me but i digress. welcome, everyone, top democratic senator patty murray is saying that she would rather go over the cliff than be stream rolled by republicans either the rip get hit show says or everyone gets hit and talk about hit, a retroactive tax hike never-before-seen in american history likely to make this feeble recovery history happening january 1 and no one will be spared unless they do something now. democrats insist the pain is temporary vowing to a pass tax cuts? >>guest: year by the middle class putting republicans in the box a game the democrats will win but charles payne says this economy cannot afford it. long before the storms, charles was look at a couple of big subsequent operators players and h
FOX Business
Nov 7, 2012 8:00pm EST
mean that sincerely. we love hearing from you. good night from new york. neil: so many storms so little time, i am neil cavuto. i want to show you what is happening in northeast right now, particularly new york metro poll lynmetropolitan area. this is long beach, new york, no matter where you go, have you snow, rain, and what could be 60-mile per hour winds, one week after sandy. we get another mother nature dandy, all this descending on an already beleaguered big apple. that really can't dig out of the cost for a storm, some say will add up to $50 billion across the east coast. on a day money was hard to find. better than 312 point tumble in dow jones. today, fox news chief meteorologist, rick, you told me this was coming, i said come on. >> this is the same area that got hit by sandy last week, wire about 9 days out. we still have people without power, now a cold, snowy wet day, adding insult to injury, snow from new york city to central jersey, now across parts of connecticut, i think it will weaken about 4 hours or so of snow across northern parts of jersey, the timeline, mov
FOX Business
Nov 13, 2012 8:00pm EST
. good night from new york. neil: all right, here is what i am saying at the white house. not who i'm inviting to the white house, that is what is going on. mark it down, nothing new, same old president, same old pals. the service employees international union, national education association, american federation of state county and municipal employees, center for american progress, and that is just half of the union groups meeting with the president today. it was rounded out by others who all might have wonderful ideas but when i cornered one earlier today on fox news ahead of the national education association about what touch i they might he offered, what don't abort ideas they might have given the president, this tells you all you needed to know. look at this. neil: are you open to cutting anything? >> we have to look at the whole picture. neil: you want to leave medicare alone, don't want to touch medicaid, what are you going to give up? >> out of limits the tax cut for the wealthiest 1%. neil: he kept arguing in this iiterview for what is fair, in the name of fiscal fairness leav
FOX Business
Nov 14, 2012 8:00pm EST
serious about deficit reduction just by closing loopholes and deducts. neil: i think that of the most significant quote of the day, the president's way of saying those tax rates for wealthy either go up or -- bring on the fiscal cliff, welcome, i am neil cavuto. that is no joke, president making it clear, that he is not blinking on this issue of raising taxes on the rich. and whereas before we would think revenue was an open question. however you could get about raising that money to get president off republican's box on raising taxes on rich. he says again, i do not see any other way around it, and anything that comes close to raising amount of money you could raise, simply returning to the clinton era tax rates. that could explain this. look at wall street today, a huge downdraft, continuing what has been a 6% slide, in the markets, since the election last week, charlie gasparino, on all of this. what do you make? >> i think this is bad stuff. if the republican cave, which i don't think they will, i'll tell you why later, and they give in market hates it, you talk about raising taxe
FOX News
Nov 30, 2012 1:00pm PST
that is it for today. >>neil: have you seen this? call it a town brawl, one month after sandy hit, the victims are having it out. >> homeowners insurance cost -- offered me $150. what can i do with that? what? what? i need your attention. okay. we need to rebuild. i don't want did leave my house. it is not a house, a home. >> i have mold and he is telling me to avoid, where am i supposed to goes i have gone to fema, to the sba. >> when you go home and get to celebrate if a nice warm house, i have no electric trip, -- electric or sewage but the city comes and the inspector says it is okay to live in. a joke. a joke. you wonder why people are mad? we the middle class and we are getting nothing from fema. they go around in a circle. deny. deny. deny. deny. deny. deny. deny. it is a joke. >> now it is out of control. the fuming still over fema. >> welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto, done but not out. today, speaking out. victims of super storm sandy still without heat. it will without water. still without homes. now, giving fema officials who planned an otherwise, well, informational
FOX News
Nov 27, 2012 1:00pm PST
. >>neil: s rise meeting face to face with her toughest critics and benghazi and it does not go too well. >> we are significantly troubled by many of the answers we got, and some that we didn't get and if you don't know what happened, just say you don't know what happened. people can push you to give explanations and you can say you don't want to give bad information. >>neil: senator john mccain is leader and only here. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto. if ambassador susan rice thought today's meeting would clear the air on benghazi she was mistaken but senators john mccain, senator graham nowcy they are more troubled than ever and that is spelling trouble if the woman who might just be our next secretary of state. the same person who initially blamed an antimuslim film for fueling a spontaneous demonstration and not a planned trust attack, that left u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three our americans dead and today the senators are demanding answers and arizona republican senator john mccain who was at meeting, senator, you didn't seem to get a lot out of that. >>guest: no, i did n
FOX Business
Nov 8, 2012 8:00pm EST
>> we thank you for writing it. good night from new york. neil: a week after hurricane sandy and after this nor'easter, oaks and staten island, folks across much of the northeast. the scores of folks are beginning to think after all of this and reports tonight, some folks in brooklyn or beyond cannot celebrate thanksgiving at home because they will likely not have power back by thanksgiving. and possibly holidays beyond. imagine their delight when they hear this. >> a particular thanks to our partners in the federal government. fema has been fantastic. and also responsive. >> there was criticism of the mountbatten hurricane katrina days and now we hear good things about the matter. neil: you can say we are on top of something. but generally, it implies you're telling the truth. so if you're going to make a speech to say things are good, well, things better be good. because otherwise, you are lying. doesn't that ring true for this staten island resident who joins us on the phone. marianne, how are things going? >> things are not any better, neil. still the same in staten island. w
FOX News
Nov 13, 2012 1:00pm PST
have problems. >>neil: read 'em and leap. taxes will go up. and up a lot. speaker boehner says revenues are on the table but we have news for him, when it comes to hiking the taxes, democrats do plan to run the table reportedly not keen on a republican plan to only close loopholes that curb deductions to raise revenue. and democratic leaders expect that and a rate increase, a move that could conceivably send the top rate closer to 45 percent tan the 40 percent they talking about now. when you throw in added surtaxes to pay for health care, the "wall street journal" reporter says you could be look at 50 percent top rate. or more. here we go. >>reporter: that is true if the live in the state of california or someone like you would works, why know if you live in new york but you work in new york and the tax rates in new york city could go do 50 percent and california as high as 52 percent, we have not seen rates that high since the 1970's. >>neil: leave aside what will happen on health care people forget this is a lot more than just returning to the clinton top rate of 39.6 percent. it is
FOX News
Nov 7, 2012 1:00pm PST
they are worried about it. they are talking about it in washington. talking. here comes neil cavuto. >>neil: thank you, it looks like taxes could be going so stobs are crashing. is the cliff coming? today better than 312 point could be a preview of coming attractions. that was fast. welcome, everyone, president obama is in. but the dow is not wowed investors moving to very real financial bullets, and all ready to shoot off the same minute, exactly the same day, in exactly 54 days, the stroke of midnight, january 1 when all of the cuts begin and all of the bush tax rates phase out. a multitrillion dollar hit to the economy that could turn a recovery into a stubborn recession faster than you can spit out going to knell a hand basket which the folks at moody's threaten could cost us dearly in the form of another debt downgrade. that would likely tank the dollar and bond and stocks. we are that close and that scary on the day when europe got more scary and germany was pumped. the debt crisis likely to hit there hard as another storm, this one, a huge nor'easter prepares to hit america's
FOX Business
Nov 28, 2012 8:00pm EST
? neil: welcome everybody. i'm neil cavvto coming to you from beautiful los angeles california, tonight. the reason why we're here, a couple of things. we're focusing on the most taxed state in the country. in fact it got a little bit more so of at recent election. two propositions approved by voters. one calls for hike in taxes on so-called rich at 250,000 and over and another calls for hike in sales taxes that affects pretty much everyone. the argument went something like this. we cut pretty much all we could cut and we were still knee deep in a lot of messy stuff. so the only solution is to raise taxes and maybe get this economy moving. say what you will. california does seem to be showing the first seedlings of improvement. activity picking up here. home sales picking up here. retail sales picking up here. not dramatically. when a third of voters say things are getting better and they're more confident they will get better, well that might seem very anemic to you, it is double what it was a little more than a year ago. so progress in this western state where they seem to fa
FOX News
Nov 6, 2012 4:00pm EST
. we will know tonight with will positives closing at 6:00 eastern and we will be here. here is neil cavuto. >>neil: thank you. the voting storm now after the storm. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto. they made it through power failures and through flooding and one evacuation after another, and now they are voting in tents and frigid temperatures, and he have generators that are going out if they are lucky do have a generator, and voting machines that are malfunctioning, and making paper ballots the only option in a lost the areas, a similar thing going on in the garden state, as they weather this election storm to douglas kennedy keeping track of all of this in new york city. douglas? >> it has been over a week since hurricane sandy battered the shores but the state is still feeling the effect on election day. in fact, election officials say over 800 polling places were damaged other are still without power and they have instituted emergency measures to allow residents to vote. new jersey governor chris christie, for instance, says anyone who is affected by the storm can vote at a
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 396 (some duplicates have been removed)